Kidmin Nation is the first-ever year-round children’s ministry conference. Traditional conferences are nice, but they only last a few days. They are meaningful, but they always come to an end. Recently, we asked ourselves this question: Why do they have to end?

Welcome to Kidmin Nation. At Kidmin Nation, you’ll experience the first-ever year-round conference.


Do you remember these?

  • Cassette tapes
  • Overhead projectors
  • Flannel boards

They used to be essential tools for doing kidmin. But they’re gone now, left behind by the fast-changing world of children’s ministry.

At Kidmin Nation we believe the time is now to change one other longstanding tool for doing kidmin—conferences.

For most of us, the way we learn, teach, and network with other leaders is by attending traditional seminars and conferences. They have value, to be sure. But what usually happens?

After a few days, they end, and before we know it, we’re right back to business as usual. What happened to the value the conference offered—the energy, community, inspiration, and challenge of change we felt? That’s gone too, often crowded out by the busyness of ministry.

Wouldn’t it be great if those best qualities of a conference could somehow keep going? Be accessible to us whenever we needed them to be?

At Kidmin Nation they are.

Kidmin Nation is the first-ever year-round children’s ministry conference. It happens 24/7/365. We are a force of kidmin newbies and veterans. Volunteers and full-time children’s pastors. Young and old. We are an innovative, creative, and Gospel-centered community of kidmin influencers and thought-leaders committed to:

  • Creative freedom
  • Children
  • Biblical success in kids ministry
  • Families

Kidmin Nation was created for ministry leaders just like you. Become part of a NATION that will inspire you, challenge you, and equip you 24/7 to change the way you lead your children’s ministry. Why do ministry the way it used to be done when you can lead and innovate into the future?

See our Program page for more details about what makes us so unique.