Our Team

Meet the people who keep Kidmin Nation incredible and amazing.

Ryan Frank, Co-Founder

Ryan is co-founder of Kidmin Nation, as well as a bivocational pastor, the CEO of KidzMatter, and dean of Kidmin Academy. He is the author of 9 Things They Didn’t Teach Me in College About Children’s Ministry (Standard) and The Volunteer Code (The Leverage Group). Ryan and his wife, Beth have three daughters and reside in Converse, Indiana.

Beth Frank, Co-Founder

Beth is cofounder of Kidmin Nation, chief creative officer for Kidzmatter Magazine, and director of Ausomely Blessed, a ministry to special-needs families. Viewing life as one God-sized adventure helps her stay sane as she tries to keep up with her husband, Ryan, and their three active girls!

Martijn van Tilborgh, Co-Founder

Martijn is the chief innovation officer and co-creator of Kidmin Nation. His passion is to see people stretched to think bigger and better, discover their authentic selves, and see God’s plan unfold in their lives. Martijn was born and raised in The Netherlands and resides with his family in Orlando, Florida.

Amy van Tilborgh, Co-Founder

Amy is the chief information officer of Kidmin Nation. She formerly served as an executive assistant with an international nonprofit organization and, before that, a major publishing company. Her exceptional gift of administration and organizational skills keep things running smoothly behind the scenes in the Nation.

Nicky Scholten, Director of IT

Nicky is a project manager and technology ninja. He serves as a right hand to the executive team as he uses his skills to do whatever is needed to make us look good.

Allison van Tilborgh, Director of Special Projects

Allison leads the Kidmin Nation's Special Projects division. Together with her team, she maps out the Nation’s online product-delivery systems and constructs any technical processes needed for our websites and emails.

Dave Condiff, Director of Sales

A former Christian-retail store owner, Dave has been connecting with Christian suppliers of books, Bibles, music, and films for more than 30 years. Now he’s working both behind the scenes and at leading events keeping us connected to new and exciting products being released in children’s and family ministries.

Corey Jones, Social Media and Communication Manager

Corey is the Social Media and Communication Manager for Kidmin Nation. He strives to be an opportunist, learner, and helper. He is focused on church leadership and ministry to the family. Connect with him anywhere online. @CoreyRayJones

Jimmy Stewart, Editorial Services

Jimmy helps us edit or write the many items we publish in the Kidmin Nation. He’s a former magazine features editor whose articles and news stories have appeared in a variety of national publications.

Kay Williams, Executive Assistant

Kay plays a key role in Kidmin Nation as the executive assistant to co-founder Ryan Frank, which she calls her “most rewarding responsibility.” She wears many other hats, as well, including that of grandmother. To say her three grandchildren are the love of her life is quite the understatement!

Angie Steely, Customer Support Specialist

Angie has lots of roles in Kidmin Nation, but her main responsibility is customer support. When she isn’t serving the many “citizens” of the Nation, she’s busy supporting her husband, Todd; daughter, Alayna; and son, Wesley. She also likes to shop and browse DIY television shows and websites for new decorating ideas.

Brittany Rusell, Customer Care Specialist

At Kidzmatter Brittany is a customer care representative and assistant to Ryan and Beth Frank for Kidzmatter. She studied human services and sociology at Grace Bible College in Indiana and has worked at a Christian preschool as well as with troubled youth.

Taylor Kirk, Project Support

Taylor serves as a Project Support Specialist for the Nation. She studied psychology and sociology at Grace College in Indiana and is passionate about serving people. Surrounded by cornfields, she now resides just outside of Marion, IN. In her downtime, Taylor enjoys a good book and a warm cup of tea.

Ashleigh McGuicken, Special Projects Assistant

Ashleigh is a special projects assistant for Martijn and Amy van Tilborgh. She serves in various administrative and logistical capacities in both their home and work offices, and her smile is a joy to everyone she encounters! She recently helped lead worship at Kidmin Academy Live in Cincinnati, OH, and is looking forward to returning this year to Kidmin Nation Mega-Con in Nashville!

Jim Bradshaw, Accounting Services

Jim has been providing accounting services for Kidmin Nation since 2015. He owns and operates Storehouse Treasures, which he launched in 2009, and serves many clients in and around Palm Coast, Florida.

Isaac Glener, Marketing Specialist

Isaac is a member of the all-important Kidmin Nation support staff and a marketing specialist contributing to children's ministry education. He’s a senior in high school in Orlando, FL, and served as a videographer during a recent missions trip to Haiti, where he witnessed God’s power changing lives.

Jesus Calderon-Acevedo, Special Projects

Jesus is part of the Nation's Special Projects division. Together with the rest of his team he helps to map out systems and procedures for online product delivery and construct any technical processes across our websites and emails.

Oscar Guerrero, Marketing Specialist

Oscar is a high school senior and a Kidmin Nation Marketing Specialist. He helps to spread the Word of God through marketing our children's ministry products. Much of his work is based in Florida, where he balances school, work, and community service.