State of the Nation – Amy Goble

In this week’s State of the Nation we are met by Amy Goble, creator of and children’s pastor at Bearvalley Community Church.

Take a moment to watch this week’s address as Amy goes on to talk about somethings shes experienced in her ministry career.

We always need to remember that we are not doing our part in ministry alone. God is always with us no matter how nervous we may be or how unqualified we may think we are. When you continue to work inn ministry for God, always know that He will meet you up at the platform and support you.


    Great words Amy. Pray that we always remember God is with us if we just surrender to the work He has given us.

  • Laureen Sanchez

    Thanks so much Amy. This was encouraging, and it reminds me to stay out of God’s way, there’s no need to embellish or over think what He’s trying to say either. God bless you!