State of the Nation – Ashley Reese

In this week’s State of the Nation address we are joined by Ashley Reese from Rice Bowls. Take some time to watch this weeks address from Ashley as she goes on to talk about the importance of being still in order to be filled.

As a leader in kid’s ministry many of us run a very hectic and fast paced life with small gaps throughout the day. Sometimes this lifestyle takes its toll and can leave us empty. Running on empty is something that has little benefit for the Kingdom. Throughout the the day it is important for us to take advantage of those small gaps throughout the day and ask God to pour back into us. God has given each of us a unique strength, purpose, and set of experiences and all of that is for a reason. God has filled us with theses things and attempting to run off of our own lifestyle leads to us running on empty sooner than you’d like.  I’d like to encourage you to take advantage of the small gaps and ask God to fill you up throughout the day.

  • Rita Kvalvik Bullock

    Very timely message, Ashley. This is exactly what I’ve been reading about in the book, “Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership” by Ruth Haley Barton. We have to stop and settle into the Spirit in order to pour out of wholeness.

  • Amy Little Snow

    Thank you for being transparent and encouraging us to put down things without kingdom value like TV and picking up the Word.


    You are so right, Ashley. It never is our intention to be so caught up in agendas, church functions, family functions,entertainment time, and community functions, that you get so caught up that, that gap becomes a sunk hole and seems bottomless. Thank you for those reminders of being Intentional with our time with God and wait to be filled and that’s an ongoing thing. Thank you.

  • Amanda Brown-Franks

    Thanks for this encouragement! I greatly appreciate it and I appreciate it most because it breaks that stigma of “I’m the only one” So often I can get stuck in things for way too long because I feel like I’m ‘failing’ and no one else struggles with the same thing. Just the reminder that this is something many leaders struggle with is encouraging for me. 🙂