State of the Nation – Becky Fischer

In this week’s State of the Nation address we get a word from Becky Fischer from Kids in Ministry International.  Watch this week’s address as Becky touches on the subject of teaching children with substance.

She talks about the two categories of content, milk and meat. Milk is the foundation of teaching in children’s ministry, however your children will need much more than just milk to thrive and grow in the Word of God. Surveys were made and stated that the main reason children leave ministry is because of boredom.

As teachers we believe that the kids are not ready for the meat, that they are not ready for more substance. Teaching kids the same bible stories over and over again is not the path we want to follow. Instead we need to teach them God’s way and teach them how to lead and be led.


  • Karen Rhodes

    Amen. So powerful, and right on!

  • Liz Rick

    We recently switched to bible stories and it has been the most powerful thing i have ever done. I ask 4 questions 1. whats your favorite part 2. what’s the most important part 3. where are you in the story and 4. what do you wonder about this story. From this the most in-depth and powerful discussions have come up. After they leave us they are going to have to figure out how to read the stories and figure out what they mean to them and how to get lessons out of them. I think we can use stories to give them meat. Just a thought.

    • qbennett3

      I think you are doing exactly what she was saying. Taking the stories deeper. Not making them just stories but deeper. Helping them little by little be able to defend their faith. The deeper they get the more personal it becomes and the harder it will be for them to fall and lose faith. I love your questions. I hope you wont mind if I use them 🙂


    Thank you for that insight. Application, application,application is very much one of the tools that is so needed when we are studying the God of the bible. We are going through the creation, challenging our children that the time will come and even happening now people will challenge their faith and they need to know why they believe what they believe and talking to 9-10 year olds really challenge you to stay in the Word. Due to time, things we discuss I bring scripture to backup what we were discussing when I can’t get it all in. They prefer meat and milk!!!!! Being led by the Holy Spirit of God.

  • dudesomejust

    I know she was limited on time, but she never gave an example!

    • Becky Fischer

      Thanks for mentioning this, but, yes, I did — listen again—teaching them to how to hear God’s voice and be led by his spirit, healing the sick, the gifts of the Spirit, the blood of Jesus, Old testament tabernacle, the kingdom of light and how it compares to the kingdom of darkness. The second coming of Jesus, and intercessory prayer. Teaching them to take scriptures and convert them into prayers for serious issues of life.These things are almost never addressed, and they completely change one’s whole perspective of the word of God and our salvation.About 4 minutes in….

  • Psychie

    Teaching them the Bible story with the practical application is so important. Iteration of the story isn’t bad it’s just need a different applications, I think. I believe repetition will help them remember. In discipleship, I was taught the doctrine of God that guides me through. And the tulip. it’s the Lord’s job and His will bout the personal growth and maturity. Cause no one chose Him after all, but He did. Such a blessing for them that there’s one who guides, teaches, and corrects them from an early stage up to youth and adult. Praying for them the work of Holy Spirit and conviction. 🙂

  • Cindy Jo Brown

    Powerful insight. Thank you for challenging us as Leaders of Children to impart to them more than bible stories but to teach them the ways of God, doctrine, and theology. It is our responsibility to help them apply it to their everyday lives.