State of the Nation – Dick Crider

In this week’s State of the Nation address we are visited by Dick Crider, training director for Discipleland Curriculum.

Watch this week’s address as Dick Crider goes into detail on how to not only survive as a children’s ministry leader but how to thrive. Children’s ministry can be the most challenging but it can also be the most rewarding.

Oftentimes I see those who are on the verge of burning out, but they continue going in children’s ministry because it is what God put in their heart.

The secret to surviving and thriving as a leader is to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. This isn’t something that comes naturally, but a skill that the Holy Spirit helps us develop. In moments where you feel about to give up remember to fix your eyes and heart on Him to not only survive but thrive in ministry.

  • Jacob King

    Thank you sir for the always timely and encouraging words!

  • Amy S.

    Thank you, Dick! I needed to hear what you shared and I needed it TODAY. Blessings to you!

  • Tom Toombs

    “there is no greater way to spend your life than on what will outlast it” William James
    Keep on keeping on working with the children. Im 30 years into it this year.

  • Tate Harrison

    What an amazing and powerful message! This is just what I was needing to hear!