State of the Nation – Jack Henry

In this week’s State of the Nation we are met by Jack Henry, part of the children’s ministry team at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church. Make sure to watch this week’s address as Jack goes on to talk about the importance of the Christmas season and how we should all remember what it’s really about. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and that the birth of our Savior was and still is a pretty big deal.

  • KidNation Ministries

    Wow – that was awesome, Jack! Thanks for sharing! You are so right – it is important to make sure we keep our eyes on the real Star of Christmas. It’s easy to let December become like Peter walking on the water – if we keep our eyes on Him we are good, but if our focus goes to all the craziness around you, we can begin to sink and miss out on the miracle of the season!

    • Jerri Harjo

      Very awesome how you compared that with Peter walking on the water. How we lose sight in all the craziness of everything. I don’t wanna sink and miss the reason for the season, most definitely. Thanks and Have Blessed Holidays.

  • Joy Canupp

    Thanks for theses reminders that make it very personal … “throwing a big bday party for someone special and not even wishing them Happy Birthday” … just wow. Much to ponder and pray over during this season. Merry Christmas, y’all!!!

  • Cassandra Bagenstos

    Thanks Jack! I always enjoy your perspective!