State of the Nation – Josh Zello

In this week’s State of the Nation we are greeted by Josh Zello from the Community Bible Church from San Antonio, Texas

Watch this week’s address as Josh talks about the importance of Jesus in our lives as our Lord and Savior. Jesus should be the center of every small group activity.

As you teach kids in your ministry don’t teach to morals but to Jesus. Our time should be centered on Jesus and should be focused on bringing children closer to Him.

  • Karen Rhodes

    So important to remember this. Actually, I think this works not only for kids, but also for many adults who have been taught to morals, but not taught to long for a deep friendship and relationship with Jesus. Thanks Josh!

  • Thank you Josh! Great reminder of the reason we are doing what we do and how we should do it!

  • What_no_change???

    Very Well Said!!!


    thank you Josh. Keeping Jesus ever before them(us)

  • LoriAnn Piscioneri

    Great job, Josh!! It’s all about Jesus in everything we do!

  • Thank you for sharing your passion, inspiring and reminding us what we’re about.

  • Paul Harkness

    Well said.