State of the Nation – Kate Richter

This week’s State of the Nation is brought to you by Kate Richter, co-creator of Kid Nation Ministries.

This week Kate touches on the subject of silo ministry and the negative impacts that it has on the church and children’s ministry as a whole.

Selfishness and jealousy contribute to “siloism” as we see people doing things similar to what you are doing. Instead of having Silo ministries you want to strive for a river of ministry.

You want to make sure that you develop a good relationship with your Youth Pastor, make sure that you have a good structure, and avoid culture shock by setting up your kid’s ministry similar to your adult’s ministry.

Set up your ministry to be a river and not a silo.

  • Karen Rhodes

    Such a good word that our kids’ and youth ministry started in September, working together in mentoring & tutoring kids with homework on Wednesday nights. It started out for kids 7-11, but this year 12-16 were added too. Some of the older kids who don’t need help with school work, are helping the younger kids, tutoring & mentoring. It’s been great.

    • Kate Richter

      Karen I LOVE hearing that! SO good! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jack Henry

    Great stuff Kate! I draw strength from this teaching. What an honor to know you and work with you.

    • Kate Richter

      Jack, I love that we draw strength from each other. You are a powerhouse and it is an honor to use to work with you as well. 😉

  • A single vision focus is necessary to keep the ministry moving forward in the right direction. To have a separate vision in children’s ministry derails the mission of the church and creates an environment where adults, even adult volunteers don’t take kidmin seriously. Good encouragement!

    • Great insight Martha! Thanks for your encouragement and edification!

  • Michael

    This was such an encouragement, thanks Kate.

    • Thanks for the comment Michael! That is certainly my heart! Be encouraged!!!

  • Niki Ferguson Hoyt

    This is still speaking to me. I just looked it back up so I could share it with my senior pastor and youth director! I can’t wait for their feedback on it. Thanks for sharing with us!