State of the Nation – Mark Harper

In this week’s State of the Nation we are greeted by Mark Harper, creator of the Super Church 2.0 Curriculum. Watch this week’s video as Mark poses an interesting question. If you could eliminate VBS in a push of a button, would you? Mark goes on to talk about the importance of running a stress free Vacation Bible School and how to do it.

Mark mentions the importance of building your team right away. Don’t wait until last minute to start gathering your VBS team. While you go on to create your team, don’t limit yourself to only picking staff who are already in Kid’s ministry; think outside the box! Make sure that you are staffing to your weaknesses and filling up the roles that need to be filled.

Another step is to delegate everything you can. This will reduce your stress and in the end make your job of running VBS way easier. As you begin to plan VBS make sure that you start preparing different things as soon as you can. Don’t save everything until the week before VBS. Lastly, don’t forget to keep up your daily routines, these are what help you manage your stress.