State of the Nation – Robin Garvin

For this week’s State of the Nation address we get a word from Robin Garvin, SoCal network Kidmin Director.

The topic of focus this week is perspective. As a leader in kid’s ministry we must strive to look beyond the four walls of our classrooms. Lift your eyes and take a look at the bigger picture. In kid’s ministry we were not called simply for childcare but disciple and raise up leaders which would in turn follow the Word of God. Our job is to make Jesus known to our kids and to inspire them to do amazing things for Jesus. Create leaders and set others up for success. By doing so you can have others to rely on and not have to endure the journey alone.

  • Kate Radford

    Thank you so much for this message. Very timely this week for me and ministry.


    Mission, Focus, Create leaders. We have been given a great charge. Perspective. That’s what’s sticking in my spirit; after listening to your words. Bring my eyes up, up, up to see what the Spirt of the Lord is leading us to. Truly the harvest is plentiful……. Thank you!!!!