Everything about Kidmin Nation is intentional. We want to help you think and innovate your ministry into the future. There are 10 building blocks that make the Kidmin Nation program unique.

1. Power Sessions

Every month, we will have multiple live power sessions (traditionally known as general sessions or keynote addresses) that address important topics facing every leader in children’s ministry. If you miss a live session, don’t sweat it — we will record them so you can access them at your convenience.

2. Deep Dive Specialty Sessions

Every week, we will deliver Deep Dive Specialty Sessions (traditionally called workshops or breakouts) on niche topics in children’s ministry — such as special needs, worship, recruiting and keeping volunteers, family ministry, and much morel Miss a live session? Again, not a problem. They are each recorded so you an learn on your own schedule.

3. Innovation Sessions

Innovation often comes from the outside. Uber was created by people outside of the taxi industry. Every month we will introduce you to people outside of children’s ministry to force you to think like an innovator and change agent.

4. Community Breakthrough Sessions

There is power in the Nation. We want to customize training based on your feedback. We will ask you, the members of Kidmin Nation, about challenges and struggles you are encountering in your ministry. Then we will find the best people in the world to create custom training on those topics!

5. Resources in the Mail

Every month we will deliver some sweet resources directly to your mailbox. It might be a book, a DVD, or totally something random that every kidmin leader needs to have.

6. Online Marketplace

When you go to a conference, you are able to discover great resources for your ministry. When you join Kidmin Nation, you will be introduced to a unique online marketplace - a place where the best in ministry resource providers gather. This online marketplace is a virtual experience like you have never seen before.

7. Ryan’s Favorite Things

Four times a year, Ryan Frank will send you a box in the mail filled with some of his favorite things in children’s ministry. It’s like a Birch Box for kidmin leaders! Some boxes are shippable, and some are digital. You’ll be blown away with what you receive.

8. KidzMatter Magazine

As a member of Kidmin Nation, you will receive a subscription to KidzMatter Magazine, the fastest-growing magazine in children’s ministry. Kidmin Nation is the premier partner of KidzMatter Magazine!

9. Community Engagement

You will join a powerful social network including thousands of other children’s ministry leaders just like yourself. This is the perfect environment to “encourage one another and build up one another.” (1 Thess. 5:11).

10. Kidmin Nation Mega Con

As a member of Kidmin Nation, you will be able to attend a 3-day mega conference for just $97. That’s right. For just $97, you will receive an all-access ticket to this 3-day ministry event.

The first Kidmin Nation Mega Con will take place in Nashville on September 27-29, 2017. Register here!

And there’s more…

As a member of Kidmin Nation, you will receive:

» Motivation Monday Emails
Every Monday we will send you a short-training that will encourage and inspire you and set you up to have an amazing week.

» Staggered Benefits
The longer you are a member of Kidmin Nation, the better your benefits become. You’ll receive more perks and greater discounts on resources and events.

» Unlimited Archives
When you join Kidmin Nation, you will have access to our membership site. Once you log in, you will have access to all the archived training that we have delivered.

» Relevant Calendar
Easter, Summer break, back to school, Christmas — these (and more) are important seasons in children’s ministry. We will make sure our training helps you during these important times of ministry.

» Optional Church License
When you purchase a church license, you can share access with your entire staff and volunteers. Each person on your team gets their own account and has the same privileges that you do as a member. This is the training solution you have been looking for.